Online Casinos Must Offer More Honest Advice

When you meet new people for the very first time trust is an important factor. You should think about it. What should you do if your goal is to purchase a home, buy a computer, or choose where to have dinner with your spouse for a special occasion? You ask for advice from someone. Asking for help with a house is a common practice. You can ask anyone, from agents to family to friends. It’s a good idea. It’s a large investment. It can also negatively impact your quality of life. The wrong house will remind you every time that you enter the front door.

What about intimate experiences such as dinner with your partner? Don’t take any advice, and you’ll end up choosing the wrong restaurant for your anniversary. It won’t be a romantic evening.

Casino Genie, an independent online gambling aggregator, published surprising results in its recent survey. Online casinos lose thousands of customers daily, this is the bottom line.

Jon Hingston (Client Satisfaction Manager, Casino Genie) says, “Our survey involving 2,500 online players from over 100 casinos revealed that players are looking for a more personal experience. Trust is one of the key elements to that personal service 카지노제휴사. Trust is essential for players. Although this may cost the casino more to manage, the benefits outweigh the costs. According to the survey results, customers are more likely to stay with a casino that delivers on their expectations 5 times more often than if it is not. We now need to learn how we can help casinos provide this great experience. “.

Why trust matters so much? This is not about hardened gamblers looking to win big. No. Hingston says, “The majority of players have never heard of gambling.” It is not uncommon for people to feel intimidated by the game’s complexity, confusing language and lack of understanding. You must be ‘your friend,’ if you want online casinos to be advocates for your life. Don’t be like your schoolmate who taught English cricket and baseball, but you don’t have to laugh at them. That way, you both can enjoy the game even more.

Casino Genie only surveyed 1,400 players who played online casinos for less than 12 consecutive months. Only 24% remained loyal to one online casino. Over 62% gambled at four or more casinos.

Interestingly, of those who had been gambling for longer than 12 months, 48% still played at four casinos. Surprisingly, 78% said that poor customer service was the main reason they lost their faith in online casinos. Only 4% found sites they were 100% loyal to. But here’s the best part. Every single one of those 100 customers stated that their loyalty to their casino was due to their’superb’ customer service. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Why isn’t mine like that?

The ‘Top 20’ casinos were not visited by any of these 100 gamblers. The smaller casinos are being smarter, quicker to respond and trying to compete in this segment. It’s beginning to show some results.

Let’s move on to trust. Another number that was derived from the survey. 82% said they would play at an online casino if it was recommended by a friend. 68% said they would consider trying a new online gambling site if it was recommended highly by other players.

So, trust and customer care are what players seek. It is now up to the big casinos to listen.

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